Little Seeds Play Therapy

Play. Heal. Grow

A safe, nurturing, loving space where your child can play, heal and grow

Building relationships

with parents and children

Helping children

between the age of 4 – 16 years

Qualified play therapist

with over 20 years experience

Holistic approach

helping develop self-awareness

About Little Seeds

Little Seeds is a safe, nurturing, loving space where your child can play, heal and grow.

Play Therapy is thought to be one of the most beneficial way of helping children who are experiencing emotional or behavioural challenges.

If your child is feeling anxious, worries all the time, has angry outbursts, cries often, is withdrawn or unsure of themselves, lacks confidence, is insecure or battles to concentrate in class,
Little Seeds may be just the place you are looking for.

About me

I have over twenty years experience working with children, in a variety of different settings including: a Montessori school in London, home-based therapy with autistic children, teaching special needs children in a main stream setting, running my own play school and running a literacy programme in underprivileged areas. Throughout my career, I witnessed many children that really struggled to learn because of trauma and emotional difficulties and it was for this reason that I decided to move away from teaching and explore Play Therapy.

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Monday to Friday:
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Mandy-Denoon Stevens | Operations Manager

"Whilst volunteering at Hope House Neda worked with a number of vulnerable children clients. She created an emotionally safe place for children to explore their inner world. Her interest in children is clearly reflected in her warm, empathetic engagement with children. Her therapy room is both creative and fun but engages the child in a therapeutic space."

Mother of 6 year old boy

"Play Therapy has had a positive impact on my son emotionally. His teacher has commented that he is able to deal with difficult situations in class in a better way, I know that it is due to the tools he has acquired in his sessions."

Mother of 10 year old boy

"Before starting Play Therapy my son was always acting up at school and I was getting so frustrated with him at home. He was so defiant and his behaviour was out of control. Play Therapy has helped him express his feelings in more appropriate ways. He has developed much better problem solving skills and a sense of responsibility. His teachers have noticed that he is staying on track in class and having fewer arguments with peers. Talking to Neda, I have been able to understand my son better and our relationship has improved drastically."

Mother of 9 year old boy

"Our family has had an extremely difficult time during our divorce and Neda not only helped my son deal with emotional issues but also helped me with practical ways at home to cope with him. I can highly recommend Play Therapy as a way of supporting children through difficult times and Neda's kind and nurturing way creates the perfect safe space for any child to heal."

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