“Promoting the positive growth and healing of children.”

Who I am

I have over twenty years experience working with children, in a variety of different settings including: a Montessori school in London, home-based therapy with autistic children, teaching special needs children in a main stream setting, running my own play school and running a literacy programme in underprivileged areas. Throughout my career, I witnessed many children that really struggled to learn because of trauma and emotional difficulties and it was for this reason that I decided to move away from teaching and explore Play Therapy.

I qualified as a Play Therapist through the Academyof Play and Child Psychotherapy at Leeds Beckett University, I have completed over 400 hours of practical work with a wide variety of children working in a school settings as well as at Hope House counselling centre.

Neda O’Donovan

Play therapist

About Little Seeds

Little Seeds is a safe, nurturing, loving space where your child can play, heal and grow.

I am passionate about promoting the positive growth and healing of children, so that they have every chance of succeeding and maintaining strong and positive mental health throughout their life.

Play Therapy is thought to be one of the most beneficial way of helping children who are experiencing emotional or behavioural challenges.

If your child is feeling anxious, worries all the time, has angry outbursts, cries often, is withdrawn or unsure of themselves, lacks confidence, is insecure or battles to concentrate in class,
Little Seeds may be just the place you are looking for.

What is play therapy?

Play Therapy is a specialist intervention supporting children with social, emotional and mental health issues.
The combination of an accepting therapeutic relationship with creative expression can be a powerful process supporting the child as they develop self trust in their ability to relate to others and in their capacity to find healing.

We work with a range of carefully selected toys and creative media:

  • Dry and wet sand trays
  • Large selection of miniatures/ smallworld objects
  • Puppets
  • Clay, play dough and other malleable materials to allow for sensory play
  • Paints, pens, crayons, pencils, chalks
  • Collage, glue and modelling materials
  • Role play toys and dressing up
  • Musical instruments
  • Space and materials to allow for movement/dance
  • Books with therapeutic stories.

We allow the child to symbolically explore aspects of their life, and of themselves, through play, metaphor and creative expression.

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